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Rinnai Inverter Split Systems:

G Series. The next generation
in split system technology

The new G Series range of Rinnai Inverter split system air conditioners are a true testament to our passion for state of the art technology and design innovation. Created by a dedicated team of engineers, this new generation in split system technology offers a level of in-home climate control that fits our increasingly wireless lifestyle. Sleek design and in-built Wi-Fi technology ensure that you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home…wherever you are, before you even arrive home. The third generation of Rinnai split systems, the G-series exhibits even greater energy efficiency ratings, demonstrating our ongoing quest for sustainable solutions. The stylish range is available in 4 sizes to suit any room or household – 2.5kW, 3.4kW, 5.1kW and 7.0kW – and is backed with a 5-year warranty


Wi-Fi Control as standard

DRED Function

Quiet Operation

  • Bright, sleek design consistent across the range
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • Demand Response Enabled Device
  • Quiet operation with the ability to operate a ‘quiet’ mode
  • 3D Airflow for wall-to-wall comfort
  • Turbo mode boost to help reach set temperatures quickly
  • Innovative sleep mode giving you greater control and comfort
  • 24 Hour Delay Timer (or full programmable timer function available through the Wi-Fi app)
  • LCD Wireless Remote Control
  • Translucent set temperature display

rinnai1 rinnai2 rinnai3 rinnai4

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    Rinnai Hot Water Systems:

    26 26e


    Today our Rinnai INFINITY hot water systems are even more sophisticated. Designed with the environment in mind and with leading efficiencies across the range, low emission burners, Puretemp™ temperature control technology and better water conservation technology.

    Our latest innovation, the Rinnai INFINITY 26 Touch takes the convenience of temperature control  to a new level – be sure to check it out at the Rinnai Institute of Comfort!








    Gas Storage

    Our HOTFLO 4 star gas storage hot water systems ensure you always have plenty of hot water when you need it most.

    Designed to be a quick and easy replacement for your existing gas storage tank, the Rinnai Hotflo range offers you a choice of 135 or 170 litre storage capacities and delivers mains pressure hot water to multiple taps at once.

    We have optimised gas consumption to reduce energy usage without compromising on product performance, allowing sufficient first hour delivery capability whilst maintaining the life expectancy of the water heater.










    Hot water for every need.

    Our hardworking range of HOTFLO and FLOWMASTER Electric hot water storage systems are available in various capacities. From our super compact 25 litre unit, through to our super sized 400 litre storage cylinder, there’s a tank for every household and application. Thanks to our extensive range if you’re replacing an existing unit you can easily update to a Rinnai.


    Sunmaster Range

    Solar hot water systems that are affordable and environmentally friendly

    Our Sunmaster solar range is designed to maximise the free energy from the sun, whilst also providing quality units that are affordable. Environmentally friendly and cost effective, we’ve developed 3 types of solar hot water units, close coupled systems, flat plate systems and evacuated tube systems, which allow our solar water heaters to be integrated into almost any home.



    Rinnai Solar Hot Water 

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    Rinnai Hot Water 

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      Perfect for smaller rooms

      The  Energysaver 309FT is our smallest model, and thanks to its compact size it can fit into the tightest spaces. What’s more, its room sealed power flue system makes the 309FT ideal for bedrooms.






      Introducing the NEW Energysaver® 561FT. Perfect for medium to large living areas, its powerful fan ensures heat is evenly spread throughout the room. The 561FT has a portrait (taller) body and is ideal for installations in tight spaces such as corners or between fixed cabinetry.







      Perfect for placing under windows

      The 559FT is one of our most popular Energysaver heaters. Its powerful fan ensures heat is evenly spread throughout large living areas. What’s more, its landscaped body makes it ideal for locating under windows.






      Turns the biggest rooms into cosy spaces.

      The Energysaver 1005FT is our most powerful heater, designed to keep the largest open plan spaces toasty. Even in the coldest zones of Australia it’ll heat up an area of 75m2, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable.







      Ultima II Inbuilt / Console


      Heating never looked so good.

      It’s not just its curved front glass, electronic controls and sleek modern look that make the Rinnai Ultima II so attractive. It also happens to one of the most efficient space heaters on the market. What’s more, it’s designed with flexibility in mind coming in both inbuilt and console configurations. The Ultima II is also equipped with electronic thermostatic control, which maintains the desired set temperature for ultimate comfort.





      Spectrum Inbuilt / Console


      A simple heating solution

      Our Spectrum Space Heater provides cosy, radiant and convection warmth, while its powerful heat output makes it ideal for large living areas. Its compact and sturdy design will stand the test of time fitted into an existing fireplace. Its three heat setting buttons are conveniently located out of the way on top of the unit. And depending on your needs, it’s also available in console or inbuilt configurations.




      2001 Inbuilt / Console


      Warming Australian homes for over 30 years

      An Australian icon up there with the Hill’s Hoist and Holden cars, the Rinnai 2001 Space Heater and its predecessors have been warming our homes for over 30 years. Its powerful heat output makes it perfect for heating large living areas. And depending on your needs, it’s also available in console or inbuilt configurations.




      Slimfire 252


      Works as well as it looks.

      Designed to meet Australian conditions and lifestyles, the Slimfire 252 is perfect for renovations or replacing old heaters in small to medium sized living spaces. With a slim line flat front, realistic flame and log appearance, it comes in three stylish finishes.







      Better than the real thing.

      With gentle flickering flames and cosy warmth, our Sapphire gas log fire gives you all the appeal of an open fire, but without all the bother that goes with it. And if its instant ambience wasn’t enough, the Sapphire’s 4.1 Star clean burning technology makes it a very cost effective way of heating your home.








      Experience luxurious design 

      The Rinnai 650 creates an ambient mood with Rinnai’s latest innovation – our new ember bed technology..

      Rinnai’s ember bed technology has been designed to recreate the warm, enticing glow of a natural wood burning fireplace. Look closely and you’ll discover an intense radiant, light beneath the logs or stones, providing a deep, warm glow. Using crushed glass, a few halogen lamps and a bit of Rinnai magic, our latest innovation in gas fireplace technology is sure to set a new standard.

      The Rinnai 650 is small but modern gas fire, making it great for new homes that have smaller living spaces.

      Ideal for replacement, new homes and even renovations, the 650 is designed to suit a range of installation environments.






      Enjoy real radiance with the Rinnai 750 

      There’s no better way to escape the winter chill than curling up in front of a flickering fireplace. The new Rinnai 650 & 750 range of gas fireplaces combine cutting-edge technology and luxury design features to deliver an authentic ambience.

      Rinnai’s innovative ember bed technology recreates the warm, radiant glow of a natural wood burning fire, delivering the romance of fire at the touch of a button – without any fuss.

      The new range is all about design – featuring a wide viewing window, minimalist frames and a roaring flame pattern.

      Available with either a natural wood log set or glowing pebbles and a range of frame colours to suit your decor.






      Spread the warmth and comfort

      The Rinnai 950X Gas Log Flame Fire represents a new generation of fire from Rinnai. The 950X has achieved excellence in energy efficiency and heat output, with a high 5.5* star rating and incredible heat output up to 8.1 kW.**

      Combining a modern, elegant appearance with incredible efficiency, this heater is a must-have addition to bring warmth to your home. Perfect for large spaces and open plan living, the 950X has an output of 8.1kW**, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Settle in beside a flickering flame this winter with the Rinnai 950X.



      1250 Log set


      Relax a little longer. 

      At over 1300mm in length, the long landscape design of the 1250 will create a true statement piece in your home. More than just a design feature, the 1250 is equipped with Rinnai’s high performance heat exchanger technology – perfect for heating large, open plan living spaces. Featuring an energy efficiency star rating up to 5.5 stars*, the 1250 is our most efficient gas log fire ever!


      Rinnai Heating

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      Gas Fire Collection

      Energysaver Brochure

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      Rinnai Slimfire 252 Brochure

      Rinnai Sapphire Flame Fire Brochure

      Rinnai 650 & 750 Brochure

      Rinnai 1250 Flame Fire Brochure

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